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London, Ontario 10/04/2010 (Full View)

The Driving for Profit Seminar partners, KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. and NAL Insurance have announced their next Driving for Profit seminar. It will be held in Mississauga, Ontario at Capitol Banquet Hall on November 9th, 2010.

David Bradley, president of the Ontario Trucking Association will be speaking on the state of the trucking industry during the first session.

Miriam Isenberg, Douglas Marcello and Carole McAfee Wallace are lawyers who work with the transportation industry. They will be speaking on current and future legal issues for the trucking industry. This second session will be moderated by Lou Smyrlis.

For the third session, you can listen to Brian Taylor's speech titled "How I Did It", moderated by Lou Smyrlis. Brian is the president & CEO of Liberty Linehaul.

An addition to the Driving for Profit Seminar, marketing tables are available to industry suppliers at a cost of $500 per table which includes (2) passes for the seminar.

For information on the marketing tables contact Aaron Lindsay at 800-265-1657 ext. 3004.

You can register for the next Driving for Profit at www.drivingforprofit.com. The fee is $85.00.

For more information on Press Release:

  1. Kim Richardson, President, KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. 800-771-8171
  2. Gary Lindsay, President, NAL Insurance Inc. 1-800-265-1657

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