Driving for Profit

Toronto Driving for Profit Seminar a Success!


The room at the Sandman Signature Hotel was full of transportation executives, stakeholders and media as the fourth session in the Driving for Profit Seminar Series rolled out.

Mark Seymour, President of Kriska Holdings, and Len Anderson, Partner of KPMG Enterprise, were back for another performance after a stellar presentation in Kingston in August. Seymour, never afraid to give his opinion and advice about the transportation industry, had the crowd busy nodding their heads and putting their pens to paper as he offered up many practical solutions and systems to make any company better, trucking or otherwise. Len Anderson, trusted advisor to Seymour, interacted with both him and the audience for over an hour with a boatload of business advice that covered everything from securing the right customers to hiring staff.

Gary Lindsay, President of NAL Insurance, likened the information in the presentations to a sequel of the advice given in the popular book entitled : What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School - Mark McCormack.

Other presenters included Stephen Laskowski, Senior Vice President of the Ontario Trucking Association, who pinch hit for OTA President David Bradley, when his flight was changed for the east coast. Although Bradley is always interesting and informative when he speaks, Laskowski did not disappoint, and did an excellent job of presenting the OTA's position on the state of the transportation industry, where the industry is heading and what the industry needs to pay attention to.

Hugh Loomans, President and CEO of The Sylvite Group of Companies, discussed alternative fuels and green initiatives. Loomans bought Sylvite in 1983 with a view towards strategic growth and forming an integrated, international, multi-faceted company, and has succeeded in doing just that. The audience listened attentively as Loomis discussed not only alternative fuels, but other ways of operating a "green company".

The Driving for Profit Seminar Series has been complimented by many people in the transportation industry who have attended. In a recent on-line blog on Trucknews.com, respected Editor James Menzies stated, "I attend a lot of these types of events, and I have to say that the Driving for Profit events are among the best in terms of value and content." Read the full article: Managing New Generation Drivers.

This is welcome news to first-year sponsor SelecTrucks of Canada. Manager Nevio Turchet stated, "We were very pleased with the professionalism and effort displayed by the Driving for Profit partners. KRTS Transportation Specialists, Inc. and NAL Insurance consistently arranged for top-notch people who delivered exceptional presentations to the audience."

Building on the success of the first year of the Driving for Profit Seminar Series, the dates for next year have been selected. So mark your calendars, as seating is limited. You can register online or call 1-800-265-1657 for any Driving For Profit Seminar.

  1. Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 in Cambridge
  2. Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 in Toronto
  3. Tuesday, September 15th , 2009 in Hamilton
  4. Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 in Toronto

SelecTrucks of Canada has already committed to again sponsoring the Driving for Profit Seminar Series in 2009, and other sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact either Kim Richardson, President of KRTS Transportation Specialists, Inc at 1-800-771-8171 or Gary Lindsay, President of NAL Insurance at 1-800-265-1657 for more information about sponsorship opportunities.