Driving for Profit

Driving for Profit Seminar in Cambridge Pleases Attendees

Caledonia, Ontario 02/05/2009

94% of those who attended the first Driving for Profit Seminar of the year rated the program excellent. Charlie Charalambous, Manager of Training Services of Markel Insurance commented "Allison Graham did a great job at engaging the group."

Graham, Author of Business Cards to Business Networks: How to Build the Ultimate Network impressed the audience with business networking advice. Allison has agreed to attend each Driving for Profit Seminar in 2009 and will continue to share her expert advice in networking.

Evan MacKinnon, President and CEO of MacKinnon Transport was in attendance and said " As a first time attendee at the Driving for Profit Seminar, I was very impressed by the quality of information being provided to educate us and enhance our business management skills. This information is very timely and well received as we all aspire to increase our businesses success through these less than favorable economic times. I will certainly promote attendance at future Driving for Profit Seminars by our Management Team." MacKinnon also spoke about the value and benefits of becoming a member of the Truckload Carrier Association.

Dan Goodwill and Barry McKee discussed "Leading Your Trucking Company through Turbulent Times." Goodwill's company tag line is "Delivering Transportation Solutions."

James Steed, President of Steed Standard Transport was impressed with Goodwill and commented he took some important things from the seminar including several points from Dan Goodwill; open to change is a must.

Mark your calendar for May 5th. The Driving for Profit Seminar Series comes to Toronto and is sponsored by SelecTrucks of Canada. For those of you who missed the event, keep an eye on the Truck News website specifically Transportation Matters for a clip of the seminar.

You can register for the next Driving for Profit here.

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