Driving for Profit

Driving For Profit Seminar is "Simply the Best"

Caledonia, Ontario 5/15/2009 (Full View)

The second Driving for Profit seminar of 2009 did not disappoint attendees. "As always it was worth attending," stated James Menzies, Executive Editor of Truck News and Truck West. "These events provide practical, real world advice at an affordable rate and allow participants to be back in the office for the afternoon." he continued.

Speakers at the seminar included Allison Graham, founder of 'Elevate', and author of 'Business Cards to Business Networks,' Ray Haight, Executive Director of Mackinnon Transport, and Kevin Snobel, General Manager of Caravan Logistics.

Graham discussed her seven steps to networking and got everyone in attendance involved by having a 10 minute networking session where people went and spoke to three other industry professionals about the one lesson in business networking efforts that they wish they learned more quickly and more easily. Snobel's presentation, 'Accidents Happen, be Prepared' gave insight on how drivers and carriers should prepare and respond to accidents. Haight spoke about the future of the industry, and the importance of conducting 'SWOT tests' (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Rob Gyenes of the Scotlynn Longhorn Group said, "The seminar was very educational, it provided many ideas to take back to the office." "All of the speakers provided interesting and relevant information and each of them received excellent ratings and feedback from the audience." said Gary Lindsay, President of NAL Insurance.

Mark your calendar for September 15. The Driving for Profit Seminar Series comes to Hamilton and is sponsored by SelecTrucks of Canada.

You can register for the next Driving for Profit at www.drivingforprofit.com. The fee is $65.00.

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