Driving for Profit

Our Seminars

Driving for Profit is a series of one-day seminars. These seminars are designed to offer quality information to attendees from transportation industry experts.

NAL Insurance have secured arrangements with several experts in various aspects of the transportation industry to address today's most pressing issues.

We have found that our customers in the transportation industry are in need of quality information from transportation industry experts. If we can help build a stronger transport company, we are confident that your reciprocal business will follow suit.

NAL Insurance has found that many luncheons within the industry do not include enough 'actionable tasks', which a company and its employees can put to work immediately.

Many of our clients have expressed a need for affordable industry events where the focus is less on product sales and general topics, and more on realistic ways to operate a more efficient transport operation. If we can help deliver the proper knowledge base to our existing and potential clients, we will help build stronger transportation companies, and overall - a stronger industry.

The kick-off event of the Driving For Profit series was held on January 24, 2008 in London, Ontario.

Dalton Timmis has already committed to sponsoring the Driving for Profit Seminar Series in 2012, and other sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Aaron Lindsay of NAL Insurance at 1-800-265-1657 for more information about sponsorship opportunities.